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The first news on campiume goes back to year 1301, when the tithes in favour of the new "Regno Angioino di Sicilia" were being gathered from all the incumbents in Italy, at the time governed by the holy see. reports on these tithes can still be found in the vatican secret archives (rationes decimarum) and it is in one of these reports that the church of "S. Lorenzo in Campagloni" is mentioned as being under the discrict of "Pieve di Rontana", during the tithes-gathering made in the Faenza diocese the last few days of year 1301.

Further news goes back to year 1480: from an exchange of lands, drawn up by Bartolomeo Taurelli, a notary in Faenza, we actually learn that "Campioni" was under the "Scola Ghiozzani".

From the report on the pastoral visit of 5th october 1565 we instead learn that the parish "S. Laurentij Parrocchia di S. Laurentij de Campiuno was joined to "s. maria de pistrino" and that the existing altar was to be enlarged and restored; we also learn that there was a picture opposite the altar and an image on the wall, as well as some holy vessels.

In his detailed report on the pastoral visit of monsignor Ascanio Marchesini on 4th june 1573 Rossini writes:
"4th june 1573
- parish "S. Maria in pistrino (joined to "S. Lorenzo in campiume - rector don Giovanni de Gabrielitis di Reggio, parish for 50 years) only had a small altar and 16 parishioners.
- parish "S. Lorenzo in Campiume (a.m. rector); 90 parishioners; the " societa' del s.s. sacramento" was ordained (the parish was very old and had lived there for 46 years but was still strong and sturdy) - sole altar, quite well furnished."

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